Lemon is the most popular citrus fruit and is great in taste. Lemon water is an easy and popular refreshing drink that you can enjoy either hot or cold. In whatever form you drink, a glass full of lemon water comes with several added benefits. Lemon water is believed to help in improving digestion and also energy levels. Moreover, it is a great drink to lose weight. Let us learn why and how lemon water helps you to lose weight.

Major reasons for which Lemon water helps you to lose weight

Extremely low in Calories

The calorie content in lemon water is extremely low. Therefore, instead of drinking orange juices or soda water, drink lemon water and you can reduce the calorie intake by at least 200 calories. Swapping the lemon water drink with any high-calorie drink is a nice way to control the intake of additional calorie in your body. This eventually helps in weight loss.

Keeps yourself hydrated.

There is absolutely no doubt that lemon water keeps you hydrated for long. Keeping yourself hydrated is important to keep the body temperature regulated and enhancing physical performance. If you keep yourself hydrated, it helps you in losing weight too.

Boosts Metabolism

Researches show that if you drink enough water your metabolism level increases. This is because hydration enhances the functioning of mitochondria, a cell generating energy for the body. If your metabolism increases, it also helps in losing weight. Thus, lemon water plays an important role in weight loss.

It keeps your appetite full

If you drink a glass full of lemon water just before the meal, it reduces hunger and therefore is a great way to keep you full. If you eat less, the calorie intake also reduces which eventually results in weight loss.

Final Verdict

Lemon water is full of benefits as it keeps you hydrated and is a great alternative replacement for your high-calorie beverages. Drink as many glasses of lemon water you like each day. You only get positive health benefits doing so.

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What is the best way to drink Lemon Water?

Take half lemon and squeeze it into a glass full of water. Now add mint leaves, sprinkle turmeric or a pinch of salt to taste. Drink it the way you like it a great refreshment drink with loads of health benefits.

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