You must have tried various ways to lose weight that includes exercise, diet, etc. In case you are busy or just thinking about any proven way to lose weight without diet or exercise, there is good news for you. There are few effective tips following which you can lose weight and also control further gain in weight. Let’s begin.

Proven tips to lose weight without exercise or diet.

Chew and eat.

This is a great technique to slow down the food intake if you chew slowly while eating food. Slow chewing and eating also help you to intake fewer portions of food. People who eat fast generally eat more and therefore intake more calories. Apply this simple trick when you eat food and can easily control the quantity of food intake. This in return helps in weight loss as lesser calorie goes into your body.

Reduce the number of unhealthy foods.

If you cannot stop eating unhealthy foods, its fine. You can at least try and reduce the quantity of eating unhealthy foods. Eating fewer portions of unhealthy foods will naturally help in reducing lesser calorie intake. This in return also helps in weight loss.

Increase Protein Intake

Protein is extremely helpful in weight loss. You must include a protein-rich diet like chicken breasts, fish, Greek yoghurt, lentils, etc. in your food menu. These foods break down the decomposed fat and help in losing weight without exercise.

Keep unhealthy food away from you.

This is probably the best way to eat fewer calories that eventually results in weight loss. If you can keep unhealthy food away from your site, you can certainly reduce weight. Try substituting unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks as there are plenty of options available.

Increase eating food high in fibre

If you are really keen to lose weight without any diet or exercise, you have to increase the intake of high fibre food. Fibre breaks down the decomposed fat and is thus beneficial for weight loss. Oat cereals, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, etc. are some food with high fibre content. Eating these foods on a regular basis will also help to reduce weight.

Final Verdict

It might look impossible, but it is possible to lose weight without diet or exercise if you make some basic changes in your meal plan. Follow these tips, and you can certainly lose pounds without doing any dieting or heavy exercise.

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