A burn is the most common household injuries that anyone of us can encounter. Burns can be minor or severe depending on how it is caused. Minor burns can happen if you accidentally spill over hot coffee or touch a hot pan or maybe for some other reasons. These are generally called the first-degree burn where the damage is done only to the outer skin. In case the burn is intense, we call them forth degree burns and that require medical assistance. If the burn is mild, it can be cured with various home remedies. Let us find out the best home remedies for burns.

Top 5 Home Remedies for Burns

Home remedies for burns: Run Cool Water

This is a proven technique to cure first degree or minor burns. Just open the tap water and put the burned area under the running water. You must allow the water to fall on the burned area continuously for at least twenty minutes. After that gently wash the burned area with soapy water. This will prevent the skin from getting damaged further. This is one of the proven home remedies for a burn.

Home remedies for burns: Apply a cool compress.

Cool Compress is a great way to reduce your burn swelling. Just dip a cotton cloth or any soft cloth in cold water and place it over the burn area. Apply this compress for at least ten minutes to get better results.

Home remedies for burns: Apply Aloe Vera Gel.

Aloe Vera Gel is the best herbal way to treat any minor or even first-degree burn. The Aloe Vera Gel has an anti-inflammatory property that prevents swelling and bacteria growth. Apply the gel over the wound and leave it as it is for better results.

Home remedies for burns: Use Honey

Honey has an amazing medicinal and antiseptic property that helps in curing minor burns. Just apply organic honey on the affected area several times during the day and leave it as it is. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property in honey helps to recover the wound quickly.

Home remedies for burns: Don’t expose yourself to the sun.

In case you have a burn, make sure you don’t expose yourself out to extreme heat or sunlight. This will aggravate the situation and increase itchiness as the burned skin remains sensitive to heat and sunlight.

Final Verdict

We all need to be careful at home to avoid such an unpleasant situation as any burn is definitely painful. However, in case of any accidents or emergency follow these simple home remedies for burns as they are proven to offer better results.

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