Who doesn’t want nice and silky hair? Some of us face an issue with dry hair or hair getting rough and brittle. Your hair might get dry for many reasons like overexposure to sunlight, heat styling or might be humidity. Although this is not a health problem there are ways to maintain the quality of your hair. Let us learn about some of the proven home remedies for dry hair problems.

Top 5 proven home remedies for dry hair problem

Trim the dry part of the hair.

This is a simple technique to control the dry hair problem. There are split ends in the hair if it gets dry. Just visit any stylish parlour and get those split ends trimmed off. In this way, you can take care of the fresh growing hair.

Increase the Intake of Vitamins.

Vitamins are extremely important for quality hair growth. In case you feel your hair is getting rough, it means there is some deficiency of vitamins in your body. You can increase the intake of vitamins by eating vitamin reach fruits and vegetables having more of Vitamin A, C and H. Apple, Orange, Green Vegetables and Spinach are rich in vitamins and helps in improving the quality of your Hair.

Increase the Intake of Omega-3.

There are many fruits, vegetables and fish high with Omega 3 content. Omega 3 prevents your hair from getting thin and maintains its shine. Fishes like Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna, etc. are rich in Omega 3 and is helpful in improving the quality of your hair. Among other fruits, vegetables and nuts eat walnuts, blueberries, broccoli and tomatoes. Other than Omega 3, they also have canola oil an important component for the health of your hair.

Don’t apply Shampoo every day.

Don’t apply shampoo every day to your hair as it strips out the sebum out from your hair along with sweat and dirt. Sebum is the natural oil present in our scalp responsible for the shine and quality of your hair. It is important your hair doesn’t lose this sebum, therefore apply shampoo thrice a week.

Take cold showers.

In case you are concerned about the quality of your hair, it is important you don’t expose your hair to heat. Hot showers are not advisable after you apply shampoo and conditioner. Simply rinse your hair under cold running tap water as it refreshes your scalp keeps improves the quality of your hair.

Final verdict

Although dry hair is not a problem, it is always advisable to take care of the quality of your hair. Shinning and glowing hair looks better and you can get them following these proven home remedies for dry hair problems.

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