It is not unusual but any of us face issue in having clear motion. We generally call it as constipation. You might face a problem with constipation for multiple reasons that could be your lifestyle, eating habits, the food you eat or water you drink. If you have this issue, you face infrequent bowel movement spending maximum time on the toilet. You can easily overcome the constipation problem with proven home remedies. Let us discuss the easy remedies for constipation to help you if you face a problem to Poop.

Top 5 Easy remedies for Constipation

Intake Fiber Supplement

Fibre is an extremely important component which helps in the bowel movement. In case you have a deficit of fibre in your body, it is certain that you face the issue of constipation. For a fast remedy purchase, fibre supplement from authentic shops or might be online as there are many recommended brands available.

Eat Foods with high Fiber.

If you are facing the problem of constipation on a regular basis, the best way to overcome this is to intake fibre-rich food in your diet. Oats, whole-grain bread, green veggies, fruits, rice, beans, etc. are all rich with fibre content. Eating these foods can certainly help you to overcome from the problem of constipation. These are easily available too so include them as a part of your daily diet and get amazing results.


Most of the people don’t know how water is important for our body and drinking sufficient amount of water, at least eight to ten glasses per day is a must. If you keep your body hydrated by drinking a good amount of water, you can certainly expect a good bowel movement. Drinking water is a simple habit but it’s a great home remedy for constipation.

Do some Exercise.

There is nothing to explain about the importance of doing regular exercise. There is no need to join a gym, but you can certainly do some light exercise like sit-ups or jogging every day morning for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Exercise facilitates bowel movements by increasing the blood flow through the abdomen, therefore, helps in overcoming constipation.

Stool Softener can be useful.

Dehydration is one of the major reasons for constipation which results in hardening your stool. There are various types of stool softener available like Colace or Surfak. These can pull water from your intestine and moist the stool giving you relief from Constipation.

Final Verdict

In case you are suffering from constipation, there are ways to get yourself relieved out of the problem. Follow these simple and easy remedies for constipation as they are proven ways to give you relief. These tips are easy to follow as they are just some changes you need to make in your daily diet and food habit.

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