Common Cold

The common cold is a big health problem and any one of us might encounter it. In, general with the onset of winter or sometime because of the change in season, you might face a problem of a common cold. It is nothing but a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract that primarily affects the nose. If you are affected by a common cold, it’s very irritating. There are easy tips available to help you overcome the common cold.

But can you overcome common cold in just 24 hours?

Let us find out of there is some tip available for this.

Drink a lot and stay hydrated.

This is probably the first mistake we make that we don’t drink a lot when we suffer from a common cold. Drinking water is absolutely important as it helps to break down congestion and flush out the cold. The more you drink water and other fluid it keeps your throat lubricated.


  • Squeeze half lemon on lukewarm water and drink throughout the day.
  • Drink lemon, ginger, sage or any other Herbal Tea.
  • Drink green tea as it can help to cure the sore, nose or throat problems.
  • Drinking Turmeric Tea is also beneficial as it has anti-inflammatory property.


  • Avoid any kind of cold drinks.
  • Avoid sugar or any milk drinks as they don’t let the mucus break down.

Increase Vitamin C Intake

Vitamin C has great power to fight with infection. The moment you get the initial sign of a cold, start eating immediately plenty of berries, citrus fruits, papayas, and broccoli. All these fruits and veggies have essential nutrients and medicinal properties to keep you protected from any infection.

Salt Water Gargle

Saltwater Gargle is an essential homemade remedy that gives a soothing effect to your sore throat. Just add half teaspoon salt in lukewarm water and gargle along. Gargling helps to flush out irritants or bacteria out from the body. Do it at least twice a day for positive results.

Get exposed to Sunlight.

In case you are suffering from a common cold during the winter season, increase your exposer to sunlight. Sunlight helps to generate Vitamin D in our body which regulates the immune system. If you expose yourself to sunlight the Vitamin D production increases making your immune strength to fight with the cold or flu bacteria.

Get More Sleep.

If you sleep more when you are suffering from the common cold problem, you can recover fast as sleep your body to restore faster and fight off infection.

Final Verdict

The common cold is a basic problem and we all suffer from it. You cannot overcome the common cold, but can definitely find ways to minimize its effect on your health. Try these proven tips to overcome common cold problems in a natural way.

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