There is no doubt that fruits are excellent for health and weight loss. Fruits contain many essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that make them healthy. A fresh variety of fruits are available in the market, but many of them are seasonal and available only during a particular season. The alternatives are the canned and available varieties throughout the year irrespective of seasons. Are these Canned fruits good to eat? Let us dive further and find out whether eating canned fruits are good or bad.

What are the positive arguments in favour of canned fruits?

Nutritional Advantage

The major advantage of canned fruits is availability as they are available all around the year. Fresh fruits have Vitamin C and if it is stored for several days the Vitamin gets destroyed slowly as soon as it gets exposed to air. This particularly happens in case of seasonal fruits if you buy and store them for a longer time, the Vitamin C content diminishes and the associated health benefits also reduce. However, In the case of canned fruits, it’s not the case. They retain a major part of the Vitamin C content when stored for several months.

Time Advantage

Many fresh fruits are also exported worldwide. When this is done, the fruits needed to be kept in the storage for a long duration, sometimes even over a month. This certainly reduces its nutritional content. In the case of canned fruits, it can be stored over for months without having any impact on its nutritional content. This is definitely an advantage of canned fruits over fresh fruits.

Cost Advantage

When you buy season fresh fruits in offseason, their cost implication is high. For example, Mango is a seasonal fruit for summer, but, if you buy Mango during the winters, they cost more. This is not the case with canned fruits. Any time of the year you but the favourite fruit of your choice, the price remains the same.

Let us now find out what are the negative arguments in favour of canned fruits.

What are the negative arguments in favour of canned fruits?

There are certain strong negative arguments which states that Canned fruits should not be consumed. Let us go through each one of them.

Sugar Content

To preserve the canned fruits, it is dipped in sugar syrup and gets heavily coated with sugar which is not good for health. The calorie intake increases consuming these types of canned fruits dipped in Sugar Syrup.

Artificial Colors

Generally, the fruit cocktails selling in the market contain artificial colours that are extremely unhealthy. However, there are many canned juices where artificial colours are not used and it’s mentioned outside the container. Also, check the container level for artificial preservatives added or not.

Improper Packing

Sometimes you find canned items improperly packed, dented or might have some leakage. Never buy these types of canned fruits as you possess a higher risk of getting a foodborne illness.

Final Verdict

You might choose to eat canned fruits as a part of your diet, but ensure to read the levels about artificial colours, preservatives, added sugar, etc. There are many canned fruits and juices available without these unhealthy components. Therefore, your buying selection of the canned fruits acts as an important deciding factor.

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